Why and How to Use Promotional Key Rings to Promote Your Business

Promotional key rings are an excellent promotional item as they are relatively cheap to produce, easy to distribute and are frequently used by the customer. This ensures that they provide an ideal way to reinforce your company or brand on a daily basis.

Key rings can vary in size and style. The majority custom keychains of this promotional business gifts are made from plastic as this is a cost effective option. Some of these items are made from metal, which is a slightly more expensive alternative.

Promotional key ring products often have only a small area on which to place your marketing message. As a result of this, it is advisable to use both sides of the product to promote your message.

Leather key rings are also becoming a popular option. These are expensive to produce. However, they are an excellent promotional item to give to executives or for high-end products.

These cost efficient promotional business gifts can vary in size and shape. By using these two factors creatively, you can ensure that your promotional product is well received and used frequently.

Here are a few key factors to consider:

Color: When using a plastic keyring, it is very easy to work with color. Try to choose your company colors on the keyring, so that it is easily identifiable with your company.